Anyone who lives it will be the first to admit that there’s nothing quite like life on the waterfront.  And like so many who embrace the lifestyle, boat docks play a significant role in many of the decisions that need to be made.  Among the most pressing, is which type of dock to choose.  For those who require or prefer a permanent dock design, there’s no shortage of options when it comes to selecting one that’s ideal for your specific vessel, while providing the dimensions and stability needed for your unique property type.  It’s a big decision, and the experts at Martin’s Tidesides are here to help you find the one ideally suited for your needs.  

permanent brown dock

Whether you’re new to coastal living or a lifetime resident, choosing the right dock for your home or waterfront business is a decision that will affect how you live for years to come.  Here are a few things to keep in mind when deciding which permanent dock design best suits your needs.

  • The most popular permanent docks are typically steel, composite and wood
  • Steel permanent docks are the most durable and designed to last longer
  • Composite-based permanent docks are affordable and covered by warranty
  • Martin’s Tidesides is the premier builder of custom permanent docks in NY
  • Docks can be fully customized with ladders, ties, edging, bumpers and more
  • Maintenance-free docks are a great option for those with limited time

To learn more about choosing a permanent dock that perfectly complements your property, get in touch with Martin’s Tidesides by calling 315-573-3288 or write to us  through our website’s secured contact page.  We’re located in Sodus Point, NY and are proud to serve homeowners and businesses across the entire northeast coast.