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Benefits of Adding a Boathouse to Your Waterfront Property

What to Consider When Choosing a Permanent Dock Design

Choosing the Best Boat Lift for Your Waterfront Property

Choosing the Best Permanent Dock for Your Property

Choosing the Best Seawall

Creating a Fully Customized Dock for Your Waterfront Property

Custom Commercial Docks for Waterfront Businesses

Options for Customizing Your New Waterfront Property

Who to Call for Dock and Seawall Repairs in New York

Rebuilding a Dock After Suffering High Water Damage

Safe, Secure Boat Storage on Lake Ontario’s South Shore

Seawall Inspection and Maintenance Essentials

Why More Boat Owners Call Martin’s for ShoreStation® Boat Lifts

The Best Removable Docks for Seasonal Boat Enthusiasts

5 Safety Tips for Your Summer Boating Excursions




The Best Selection of Dock Accessories in NY

Warrantied Composite Decking for Dock and Boathouse

Dock Layouts to Complement Your Coastal Lifestyle

Dock Accessories

Floating Boat Docks

Maintenance Free Boat Docks

Permanent Docks

Superior Grade Steel Docks

Custom Dock Layouts for Limitless Creativity

Removable Docks

Superior Grade Removable Stationary Docks

Superior-grade Rolling Docks That Last


Dock Mounted Personal Watercraft Lifts

Freestanding Electric Powered Boat Lifts

Freestanding Hydraulic Lifts of Unmatched Durability

Hoists and Manual Boat Lifts

Freestanding Personal Watercraft Lifts

Permanent Electric Boat Lifts

Hydraulic Lifts for Boats Large and Small

Single and Double PWC Lifts

Solar Boat Lifts, DC and AC Powered



Professionally Constructed Concrete Seawalls

Ripraps and Revetment Services

Solid Steel Seawall Construction

Stone Shore Line

Gorgeous Vinyl Seawalls to Accent Your Property

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