Lift Services


Lift Services


Whether this is your first new boat lift or you’re a lifelong user, it’s vital to work with a company who truly understands how much is demanded of them.  At Martin’s Custom Tidesides, we’re known throughout NY for providing exceptional service and the best selection of options for every type of property and watercraft.

The ShoreStation® Difference

Better Boat Lifts and Docks

Since 1959, the ShoreStation® name has stood for rugged, dependable waterfront equipment.  Rest assured that our boat lift systems and dock products are designed for the long haul and backed by one of the best warranties in the business. From PWC lifts to docks and canopy covers, ShoreStation® takes life on the lake to the next level.

Permanent Lifts for Boat Houses

For those with larger vessels and more spacious docking facilities, a quality hydraulic lift from Martin’s will provide years of flawless, responsive use.

Electric boat lifts continue to be a popular option with boat owners of all sizes and property types, learn more about our electric lift solutions

Free Standing Lifts

As one of the leading installers of superior ShoreStation boat lifts, we proudly sell and install their full catalog of hydraulic freestanding lifts

With options like 24 volt DC power options and emergency manual operation, our electric lifts offer a wide range of function and versatility

Perfect for smaller boats, limited spaces and those on a budget, manual lifts are a smart option for many boat owners, learn more about our manual lifts

Solar (DC AC powered)
Our solar boat lifts give you all the function you’d look for in a traditional lift, while utilizing solar power to help reduce energy costs

PWC Lifts

Dock Mounted
For those seeking a quality lift for their kayaks, paddleboards and other personal watercraft, Martin’s has a full range of dock-mounted PWC lifts

Free Standing
Our freestanding personal watercraft lifts continue to be a favorite among enthusiasts all over NY, learn more about having a freestanding lift installed.

Single or Double
Whether you own one personal watercraft or several, Martin’s can tailor a custom PWC lift that addresses your storage needs perfectly, learn more…

For additional information or to learn more about the various services we provide, get in touch by calling Martin’s Custom Tidesides today at 315-573-3288 or write to us through our website’s contact page.

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