Whether it’s your private waterfront residence or your lakeside business, your dock and the seawall that protects your property will, at some point, require service, repairs, or routine maintenance. Now, if it’s been there longer than you have, there can be some confusion on who to call when the time comes to give it the TLC it needs. After all, seawall and dock repair is anything but a common profession, and this can further complicate things when making the decision on who to trust.

At Martin’s Custom Tidesides, we’ve heard our fair share of stories from property owners who took a shot in the dark and genuinely ended up regretting it. So in the spirit of saving you the time and stress of knowing who to call, we wanted to share some questions to ask when contacting dock and seawall repair companies.

  • Start with the basics: how long have they been repairing docks and seawalls?
  • Is this their primary area of expertise or something they dabble in from time-to-time?
  • Do they have real, contactable references that you can reach out to?
  • How is their online presence and what sort of reviews have others left?
  • What is their schedule like and can they complete your work when promised?
  • Have they worked on projects similar in nature to yours?
  • Do they specialize in a wide range of docks or only certain materials/styles?

For reasons that obviously need no explanation, taking chances on someone who may or may not know what they’re doing is not advised when it comes to protecting your waterfront property. Never be afraid to ask questions, and if this frustrates them or they’re too busy, look elsewhere. At Martin’s Custom Tidesides, we believe in helping waterfront property owners get the quality service they deserve, and we’re always here to help however we can.

Martin’s is located at 7250 NY-14 in Sodus Point, NY and proudly serves the needs of waterfront homeowners and businesses local and throughout the east coast. Give us a call at 315-573-3288 for more information or write to us via email through our website’s contact page.