For those who live on water or along the coastal shore, seawalls play a vital role in protecting both your home and your land.  Of course, like any fundamental structure, ensuring the best protection and years of reliable performance depends heavily on how well they are maintained and cared for.  In too many cases, homeowners and businesses located on the waterfront do not give their seawalls the regular attention they need to last over the long haul.  This can include everything from routine visual inspections to responsive action in the event of aging or damage caused by decades of high tide and surging waves.           

lake ontario seawall being installed by martin's custom tidesides

At Martin’s Tidesides, we strongly suggest that waterfront businesses and homeowners take a proactive approach to the care and maintenance of their seawalls.  Here are a few things to keep in mind for anyone looking to preserve the long life and integrity of their lakeside property.

  • Take a few minutes each month to visually inspect seawalls for damage or wear
  • If you’re new to seawalls, work with an expert to help you choose the best type
  • Don’t ignore minor damage, as it can manifest into far more extensive issues
  • Have any major damage to seawall sections repaired by an expert immediately
  • Schedule a thorough inspection after severe storm surge to address damage

To learn more about the importance of properly maintaining your seawall, or to schedule an inspection with one of our staff, get in touch with Martin’s Tidesides and we’ll be more than happy to answer your questions and help however we can. We’re located in Sodus Point NY and proudly serve the greater NE coastal region.

You can reach Martin’s Tidesides anytime during regular hours by phone at 315-573-3288, or send us your questions on proper seawall care by emailing us through our website’s secure contact page.