Summer is just around the corner. If you’re planning on using your boat this summer, it’s good to be prepared. These 5 safety tips are for new and experienced mariners on Lake Ontario, NY. 

Summer Boating Excursion Safety

Assign a Skipper

You will want another reliable and knowledgeable person to accompany you and your guests at all times. Since you’ll probably be handling the mechanics and direction of the boat, it’s best to have another set of hands, eyes, and ears that knows the rules and how to handle an emergency situation. 

Course Knowledge

Professional mariners know that their education doesn’t end once they’re handed a license. They keep up-to-date with rules based on their geographic location. Beginner boating enthusiasts should keep the same mindset. They need to familiarize themselves with regulations months prior to boating. Courses help to remind mariners of the hazards that can arise and what to do in case of an emergency. 

Float Plan

A float plan is an emergency checklist that’s kept with you when you’re boating. This is a document containing vital information about your boat such as registration and type, the names and contact information of all passengers, name and contact number of trip leader, communication equipment used on boat (Emergency Position Indicating Radio Beacon or Personal Locator Beacon), your boathouse in location, and trip itinerary. A float plan should be updated regularly (according to state) and have no more or less of what is just mentioned. 

Learn to Swim

Emergencies do happen. Being as prepared as possible can saves lives. Learning to swim is one important safety factor for your summer boating excursions. Training facilities can be found nationwide and offer both children’s and adult classes. If you and your family are going to be out on the boat this summer, it’s best to be prepared by familiarizing yourself with proper swimming techniques. If you need to bail out of the boat due to an emergency, but you’re in a panic coupled with not knowing how to swim, you’ve just put you and your crew in a serious situation. 

Boat Items

Before your boat leaves the dock, you and your crew should be prepared with the necessary safety essentials. An important element to always keep on your boat are code-specific life jackets. Prior to making your getaway, fit all passengers (including yourself) with a life jacket to ensure the correct fit. 

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