From lakeside bars and restaurants, to waterfront filling stations, tourist attractions, and marinas, if you own or manage a waterfront business you need the assurance that your dock is safe, inviting, and ready for whatever Mother Nature decides to dish out. After all, your dock isn’t just any dock. It’s a high traffic structure that doubles as one of your business’ key focal points. So whether you’re having your first one built or maintaining the one you’ve relied on for years, knowing who to call for installation and service is vital.

custom waterfront business dock

At Martin’s Custom Tidesides, we’ve been helping waterfront businesses design, install, maintain, and repair their commercial docks for over three decades. Here are just a few of the services we offer to lakeside and waterfront businesses, and why so many continue to have faith in our experience, passion, and attention to the finest details:

  • Over 30 years’ experience designing and building custom docks
  • Safety features, handrails, and other essentials to keep your guests safe
  • Commercial docks in a wide range of configurations and accommodations
  • Choose from a diverse selection of materials, colors, and design styles
  • Specializing in everything from simple walkway docks to large social areas
  • Configure your business dock with slips, lifts, boathouses, seating, and more

Whether you’re in the process of opening a new waterfront business, or the owner of an existing lakeside establishment and in need of a dock expert you can trust, the professionals at Martin’s Custom Tidesides are here to help. We’re known throughout New York for our diverse experience and skillset, and proud to serve the needs of businesses who refuse to settle for anything less than the absolute highest level of service and craftsmanship. Call us today and let us know how we can help.

We’re located in Sodus Point, NY and proudly serve the greater NE coastal region. You can reach Martin’s Tidesides anytime during regular hours by phone at 315-573-3288, or send your questions about commercial docks by emailing us through our website’s secure contact page.