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Our permanent docks are designed to withstand whatever you or Mother Nature can subject it to, and come in a diverse variety of options, materials and layouts.

Full steel
Having a full-steel dock added to your property is a smart move for those seeking long-lasting performance, learn more about steel dock construction

Composite decking, warrantied
One of our most popular options, our composite decking is affordable, stylish and backed by one of the best warranties available anywhere today

Custom Dock Layouts
Looking to design a truly one of a kind dock on your waterfront property? Learn more about why Martin’s is the best choice for custom dock designs

Dock Accessories
From ties and ladders to custom edging and bumpers, there’s no limit the custom dock accessories we offer here at Martin’s Custom Tidesides

Maintenance free
We’re known for designing and installing some of the most durable and functional maintenance free permanent docks, explore all of the options here

For additional information or to learn more about the various services we provide, get in touch by calling Martin’s Custom Tidesides today at 315-573-3288 or write to us through our website’s contact page.

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