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There’s no shortage of perks to living the waterfront lifestyle, however, constantly having to maintain your dock is certainly not one of them.  It can be a time consuming and costly process, and one that has a way of cutting down your time spent enjoying it. At Martin’s Custom Tidesides we’re proud to offer one of the best selections of maintenance-free docks in a wide array of layouts, sizes, materials and more.

Here are just a few of the reasons why we’re the best choice for maintenance-free and low maintenance dock installations in NY.  

  • A generous selection of superior grade, maintenance-free dock solutions
  • Fully-warrantied composite decking that requires very little maintenance
  • We design and construct docks for residential and commercial properties
  • An authorized ShoreStation® dealer specializing in their full line of docks
  • Customize your new dock with colorful vinyl, cedar or other accents

Maintenance-free Permanent Boat Docks Designed to Endure

If you’d rather spend more time on the water and less time maintaining the integrity of your dock, Martin’s has the experience and resources to help being your vision to life.  Today’s maintenance free docks are more durable and long-lasting than ever, and we’ll be happy to show you all of the options at your disposal – including accessories, lifts, lighting and more.  

Call Martin’s Custom Tidesides today at 315-573-3288 to learn more about our maintenance free docks, or to schedule a time to start your free on-site estimate.

For additional information or to learn more about the various services we provide, get in touch by calling Martin’s Custom Tidesides today at 315-573-3288 or write to us through our website’s contact page.

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