Choosing the Best Seawall for Your Property

Anyone who owns a waterfront home or seaside investment property knows all too well the importance of having a seawall capable of protecting whatever Mother Nature decides to dish out.  For those new to the lakeside lifestyle, determining which one is best for your situation is something that needs to be considered soon after moving in or early in the construction process.  At Martin’s Custom Tidesides we specialize in the design and installation of seawalls in a wide range of materials and styles. 

seawall under construction

Not sure which seawall is the best option based on your location and property type?  Whether you’re a resident, developer or the owner of a waterfront business, we can help you in choosing a seawall that’s durable, aesthetically pleasing and designed to withstand years of protection.

  • Concrete seawalls for a clean look that offers reliable wave protection
  • Steel seawalls provide the highest levels of performance and last decades
  • Vinyl seawalls for those on calmer water or looking to match their property 
  • Rip-Rap seawalls offer distinctive looks and are known for strong durability
  • Custom and combination seawalls for enhanced looks and solid protection

Learn More About Seawall Installations in Western NY

Whether this is your first time looking into seawall construction or you’re ready to replace an older barrier, Martin’s Custom Tidesides is proud to be known as the region’s leading authority on seawalls, docks and lifts.  For answers to your questions about choosing the design and style that’s perfect for your property, or to schedule a time to meet for a free onsite estimate, get in touch with Martin’s Tidesides and our team will be happy to assist.

We can be reached by phone at 315-573-3288 anytime during our regular business hours, or send your questions about new seawalls to us via email through our website’s contact page.